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Pryor, OK, USA
Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Job Description

Mechanic - Pryor, OK

Mechanics repair and maintain, in accordance with manufacturer’s specification, machinery and mechanical equipment using hand tools, power tools and precision measuring and testing instruments. Require working an 8-hour day shift, Monday through Friday for routine work activities, or shift schedule. Additionally mechanics must be available to work scheduled or unscheduled (short-notice) hours on nights and/or weekends as needed to meet operating and/or business needs. On call duties as assigned.


  • Disassembles, cleans, inspects, repairs and reassembles equipment such as pumps, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and steam turbines, using hand tools, solvents, micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, and/or laser aligning equipment in order to restore it to safe and efficient operation.
  • Finds and corrects problems (troubleshoots) with equipment using mechanical knowledge, equipment specification sheets, and manufacturer literature in order to restore to operation.
  • Removes or installs valves, pumps, motors, piping and other equipment in order to facilitate maintenance activities or install new equipment.
  • Removes and re-installs packing on equipment such as valves, pumps and condensers in order to repair leaks and restore it to operation.
  • Lubricates gearboxes, pumps, bearings and other equipment in order to prolong life and keep them operating safely and efficiently.
  • Burns, heats, welds and cuts metal items such as grating, flat and angle iron, bearings and piping using oxy-fuel torches and welding equipment in order to dismantle old or build new equipment.
  • Removes, reconditions and/or replaces mechanical seals and lip seals in vessels, pumps, gearboxes and other equipment in order to control and/or repair leaks.
  • Inspects, removes and replaces bearings on equipment in order to restore to operation.
  • Inspects, repairs and/or replaces items such as steam traps, valves and strainers in order to protect personnel, equipment and conserve energy.
  • Adjust tension or changes belts on equipment so that equipment works at maximum efficiency.
  • Performs first breaks on equipment and piping systems using protective equipment (such as full acid suit, body harness, breathing air, etc.) to isolate and make safe equipment scheduled for maintenance work.
  • Mechanics are responsible for checking the equipment to be worked on to ensure operating personnel have put it in a safe condition for maintenance. They must also tag and lock it out as required to make equipment inoperable and safe to work on for self and co-workers.
  • Set up and operate drill press grinder and other metal working tools in order to make and repair parts in order to maintain equipment operation.
  • Removes and reinstalls safety devices such as relief valves and rupture discs in order to perform routine inspections and tests and/or replace faulty ones.
  • Performs rigging using wire ropes, slings, chokers, chain hoists, come-alongs, and/or motorized lifting equipment to move, install, repair or replace valves, pumps, motors, piping and other equipment to perform maintenance or replace components.
  • Utilizes site computer systems to enter time card information, order equipment, retrieve and/or entry equipment maintenance history and to take computer based training programs.
  • Aligns rotating equipment such as motors, turbines, pumps, and fans using dial indicators or laser alignment equipment in order to insure proper seal and bearing life in that equipment.

Job Requirements


  • Lift material up to 50 pounds
  • Push/Pull material up to 50 pounds
  • Use hands to twist, grip, turn repetitively
  • Repetitive use of elbow flexing, wrist, shoulder
  • Stand in a static position for up to 2 hours at a time
  • Walk on a flat surface distances up to .5 miles at a time
  • Climb ladders up to 12 feet
  • Climb in to and out of forkliftWork with head in a tilted position (up to 70 degrees)
  • Work in a squatting position
  • Work in a sitting position
  • Type using a keyboard up to 1 hour per day
  • Medically qualified to wear a respirator

While we are interested in all qualified candidates with the potential to work in the United States, we are not able to sponsor visas. Additionally, to qualify for this position, you must be proficient in English, including reading, writing, and verbal communication.

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